Engineering Expertise

Company Snapshot

Analytical Development Inc. (ADI) designed and developed products in the medical diagnostic market. Products included small hand held battery operated instruments, such as, Luminometers, Reflectometers, Fluorometers and Colorimeters. The measurement detection methods extended from Photon Counting to Photovoltaic cells. ADI designed and developed rapid test housings that encompassed nitrocellulose strips. Today ADI focus is on providing engineering support both in product development as well as manufacturing process.

ADI has extensive experience and expertise in the following Cad Programs:

3D Modelers

  • Autodesk Inventor Pro
  • Onshape

Schematic Capture & PCB Layout

  • Cadence/Allegro Schematic Capture
  • Cadence/ Allegro PCB Layout

Software Development for embedded processors

  • Keil MDK_ARM C/C++ Compilers